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This web site is associated with a study called "Sparks of Creativity: The Influences of Epilepsy in Visual Art."  This study of epilepsy and art was divided into three parts. The first was for insights into the creative process and whether epilepsy can enhance creative potential. The second regarded how the artworks and statements of people with epilepsy could be used to help diagnose and understand epilepsy for a medical perspective. The third is the Creative Sparks Art and Epilepsy Project that consists of this web site, art exhibition, and efforts to bring about a better understanding of epilepsy and the people who have it that reaches all audiences.

This study and related Creative Sparks Project had more than 140 volunteers with epilepsy and/or migraines. Many of their family members participated in the study as a comparison group. The results of this research have been presented at the International Epilepsy Congress in Rome in August or 2011 and to other research organisations, such as Harvard Medical School in December of 2012.

The results indicate that there is a significant increase in creative potential for people with focal epilepsy in comparison to their family members. There is also a significant increase in creative potential and productivity correlated to the frequency and variety of transient experiences associated with epilepsy.

I want to share with everyone who participated in the "Creative Sparks Project" and PhD research that the thesis has been conditionally approved with high praise. Each of you 200 or so people who have so kindly participated or supported the study, art exhibit, website, evaluations, articles and/or TV reports projects deserve praise an admiration for your meaningful contributions.

Publication of the results will occur in 2014. 

For more information on this study please refer to the Sparks of Creativity Blog.


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