Judges for the Creative Sparks Art Exhibition 2009:


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Dr. Eugen Koh: Dr. Koh is a the director of the Cunningham Dax Gallery, which is possibly the world's largest collection of art related to mental health.  Dr Eugen Koh first joined the Cunningham Dax Collection in 1999 as Senior Lecturer in Art in Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne. He is a consultant psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice and also works part time at St Vincent's Hospital. At St Vincent's, he chairs the Art in Mental Health Working Group which explores ways of using creative arts in a modern mental health service. Eugen has also maintained an art practice (painting) over the past 25 years.

Fern Smith Photo copy.jpgFern Smith: Fern Smith is an accomplished artist in her own right.  She is also the daughter of Gray Smith, who had epilepsy. His paintings told of a "silent struggle of a man outside," as described by his daughter.  Fern witnessed the toll that each seizure had on him and watched a "man ground down by his illness." Fern recalls her father respond about his fluctuating medication and electrical shock that "Maybe it's better to have a fit" as he trembled for weeks at a time.  Gray Smith left his daughter with "an amazing ability to dream and bring the dreams to life."

Jennifer Thompson 250 px.jpgJennifer Thompson:  Jennifer Thompson is the manager for collections and exhibitions for the Bundanon Trust.  The trust was established as a gift from Arthur and Yvonne Boyd of the Bundanon property along with a vast collection of art from the Boyd family members and many of the most famous artists from Australia.  The Boyd family is regarded by Brenda Niall as Australia's most remarkable artistic dynasty.  One of the most influential figures in that dynasty is Merric Boyd, who had epilepsy.


Organizing Committee 2009:

The organizing committee consists of Pauline Brockett, Dr. Mark Cook, Jim Chambliss, David Jones and Monique Silk.


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