Cain, Melissa


Art has helped me so much with my seizures. I Developed epilepsy as an adult. My seizures were sporadic at first but became more and more frequent until I was having 2-3 every month. Once I started painting they quickly diminished. Now I have had 4 seizures in 2.5 years! I want everyone to know how therapeutic and healing art can be. Not just for epilepsy but for many other conditions as well. 

Cain-My-Happy-Place-reduced.jpgI would like people to know that although it is tough to deal with at times, art and creativity is a great way to help cope with this condition. Art is beneficial, not just to the person diagnosed with epilepsy, but also to those who care for them.  Whether it's painting, sculpting, drawing, making music, knitting, writing, or anything else, having a creative outlet can help relieve stress, which is a trigger for many epileptics.  

My Happy Place 

mixed media

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