Dyal, Myron

Dyal Photo.jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2009)


I have been showing my work for a few years now, as you know and my main theme is that all people regardless what their condition or circumstance can contribute not only to themselves, but to others as well. I have attempted to show in all my work all the inner pain and beauty that can be manifested with a condition as severe as epilepsy, but also a way out of that pain! Life is not always kind but we must be strong and fight for our dreams and never, never give them up for anyone, any condition or circumstance. I Cry But No One Hears My Pain 2006.jpgOnce we have found our way down the pathway to our dreams then giving to others becomes part of that healing process. So I hope that in some small way my art will help others find their own way to wholeness so that we can all see the way home!! Blessings and love to all who suffer.


In Art Exhibit '09

I Cry but No One Hears my Pain

by Mryon Dyal

oil on canvas (2006)


I hope that others will stop the stigma associated with epilepsy.


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