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The primary aim of this exhibition and web site is to promote a better understanding of epilepsy and art, rather than as a "contest."  However, a few awards were presented in appreciation for the time and insights from the artists. Information on future exhibitions and awards is available on request.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Twenty were selected by an independent jury as "Featured Artists" in 2009. Another twelve "Featured Artists" will be selected in subsequent years.

PURCHASE AWARDS: Four talented artists received purchase awards of $1,000 in 2009.  The Purchase Awards are for artworks that are likely to go on tour and become part of permanent collections.

You can link to each award-winning artist's web page and gallery by clicking on her or his image.


Merrell thumb.jpg


Jessica Merrell - Featured Artist '09

Somerville, Massachussetts, USA




OKeefe-Megan th.jpg


Megan O'Keefe - Featured Artist '09

Wangarratta, Victoria, Australia




O Shea th.jpg


Shea O'Keefe - Purchase Award '09

from UCB Pharma

Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia '09



Parker th.jpg


David Parker - Featured Artist '09

Vincentia, New South Whales, Australia




Pedi th.jpg


Dotty Pedi - Featured Artist '09

Hudson, New Hampshire, USA




pettygrove th.jpg


Rachna Pettygrove - Featured '09 

New Brighton, Minnesota, USA




Fi Thumb.jpg 

Fiona Pringle - Featured Artist '09

Greensborough, Victoria, Australia



Rouslin th.jpg


Jude Rouslin - Featured Artist '09

Sarasota, Florida, USA




Schuyler th.jpg


Andrew Schuyler - Featured Artist '09

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia




Serville th.jpg


Sylvia Serville - Purchase Award '09

from Epilepsy Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Shagam th.jpg


Janet Yagoda Shagam - Featured '09

Albuquerie, New Mexico, USA




Smith th.jpg


Howard Smith - Featured Artist '09

Geelong, Victoria, Australia




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