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The primary aim of this exhibition and web site is to promote a better understanding of epilepsy and art, rather than as a "contest."  However, a few awards were presented in appreciation for the time and insights from the artists. Information on future exhibitions and awards is available on request.

FEATURED ARTISTS: 24 artists with epilepsy were selected by an independent jury as "Featured Artists" in 2009. Another 16 featured artists were selected in 2010. 12 or more featured artist will be selected in 2011. Each "Featured Artist" for 2010 recieved a check for $100 (AUD) that was generously donated by the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria. An slide show of each artist's work will be added to one's web page in December of 2010.

The new featured artists for 2010 are, in alphabetical order, (1) Sharon Anderson, (2) Emma Brockett, (3) Vicki Deutsch,  (4) Tremain Farrar, (5) Craig Getzlaff, (6) Cynthia Gott,  (7) Cheryl Heuston, (8) Cathy Hozack, (9) Debbie Motsinger, (10) Terry Porter, (11) Matt Rees, (12) Alexandra Rozenman, (13) Alison Silva, (14) David Thinger, (15) Peter Walker, (16) Jessica Wildenberg

Four talented artists recieved purchase awards of $1,000 in 2009.  The Purchase Awards are for artworks that are likely to go on tour and become part of permanent collections.

You can link to each award-winning artist's web page and gallery by clicking on her or his image.

Bernard Thumb.jpg


Patricia Bernard - Featured Artist '09

Capitola, California, USA


Binder Images.jpg 

Nadine Binder - Purchase Award '09

from JTA Pty. Ltd

Sydney, New South Whales, Australia

Charland Thumb.jpg


Caleb Charland - Purchase Award '09

from St. Vincent's Health 

Brewer, Maine, USA

Crawford Thumb.jpg 

Stacy Crawford- Featured Artist '09

El Paso, Texas, USA


Cummins Thumb.jpg


Gus Cummins - Featured Artist '09

Bristal, England

Dyal Thumb.jpg


Myron Dyal - Featured Artist '09

Chatsworth, California, USA


fletcher Thumb.jpg


Ryan Fletcher -Featured Artist '09

Tallygaroopna, Victoria, Australia


Gagnon thumb.jpg


Denis Gagnon - Premier Artist '09

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Hines thumb.jpg


Ian Hines - Featured Artist '09

Craigieburn, Victoria, Australia


Keegan thumb.jpg


Maggie Keegan - Featured Artist '09

Faulconbridge, New South Whales, Australia


Kincaid Thumb.jpg

Jessica Kincaid - Featured Artist '09

Overland Park, Kansas, USA


mcall thumb.jpg


Paul McCall - Featured Artist '09

Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA




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