Geiss, Jennifer

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Being diagnosed as an adult with epilepsy was never something I expected. I have a smaller left temporal lobe, which is where the seizures come from, and I also have a cyst outside of my brain. It never occurred to me that my work was anything other than what I do; that there could be a reason for the style I have or the darkness that bubbles forth and demands to be expressed. Now that I know I have epilepsy and a reason for the way things are, it somewhat explains why I am who I am, and the work I produce as an artist is simply a natural extension of that.

Normal lives are overrated. You can go your entire life with something medically wrong with you and never know. We now know so much with medicine and science that it's easy to forget that fact. I think control of medication and ability to function in daily tasks are two goals that are important to obtain, but it's also I think your responsibility as a person with epilepsy to make sure your family and friends are educated and not afraid of your condition.

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Solar Daydream

by Jennifer Geis (Darkest Artist)

oil on canvas (2011)


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