Gott, Cynthia

Gott Photo.jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2010)

My art is not merely a reflection of me ... the inner workings of my psyche ... it is me. Each artwork, in essence, is a self-portrait no matter the genre. I put my soul into these works; it feels at times like I actually lose part of myself when releasing a painting. I have found creativity in the spaces between realms, bridging the gaps in the synaptic delay. I often travel to an existential place. My psyche transcends the material plane as I shift awareness from left brain activity (verbal, analytical processing) to right brain activity (spatial, perceptual processing). When I enter this sacred space I sometimes experience visions which often leap onto my canvas and paper.

Gott Primordial Womb.jpg


In Art Exhibit '09

Primordial Womb

by Cynthia Gott

watercolour on paper (2007)


Vincent Van Gogh wisely explained, "If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Most of us allow our inner critic to stop us from becoming truly spectacular. To be the Fool in the tarot deck, one must take a chance and make the leap without looking ... and without fear of looking foolish. I am not afraid of making the leap. Some people will laugh at the Fool, but this should never detour the Fool from jumping, for the leap is merely the first step in the hero's/heroine's journey. Those who are judging will just be left behind. Archetypes represent the essence of who we have made ourselves in this lifetime. I have chosen to be the High Priestess by embracing the magic around and inside of me instead of fearing it. Remember that in the beginning, people laughed at Vincent calling him a fool. They lacked vision. What do You envision as your destiny? Make the Fool's leap and start your journey, without fear. We are all fools at heart. Why not make use of it!


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