Hozack, Cathy

Hozack Photo.jpgUSA (Featured Artist 2010)

I am an artist with too much electricity in my brain: I have epilepsy.  In 2008, I had brain surgery to remove the focal point of my seizures.  Since then, my memory has been more limited, and the way I mentally organize images has altered.  And after all that, I still have seizures.  With these changes, my paintings have  become more than art to me.    They are a unique record of my memory, experience, and the way I perceive the world.  They are  a search for harmony among chaotic and conflicting elements.

Hozack Strong Starlight 2008.jpgIn Art Exhibit '09

Strong Starlight (2008)

by Cathy Hozack

acrylic & watercolour on canvas


The changes in my brain have created visible changes in my painting.  The painting process and the images that resonate with me most have become more fluid and abstract, less rigid in both planning and in their final result.  Through abstract landscapes, I am able to bring to life the distinctive way my mind’s eye sees the world: a search for balance in the battle between cityscapes and the power inherent in nature.  Man-made structures in their most elemental representation are bold and sharp, starkly contrasted against a natural background.

WEB.Hozack_Steaming City.jpgSteaming City (2010)
acrylic & watercolor on canvas

I use small watercolor studies of landscapes and cityscapes from my travels in Western Ireland, Spain, Italy, Bermuda, and Colorado.  Different components of these small studies are pulled together and combined onto large canvasses.  The experiences of traveling and painting in these places has given my work new depth and meaning – where before I painted solely what I saw, now my paintings have become translations of my first impressions.  My mind makes sense of my surroundings in its own way, using a compilation of images and memories to create a permanent record of my emotions and experiences. 

I have epilepsy, so what, sure I might have seizures, memory loss, and it can be a bit of a bugger at times. But, from this negative comes a positive. It has enhanced my "creative sparks.”

Artist's Information

Cathy studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from 2002-2006 and completed a semester at the Burren College of Art in Ireland (2004).  Her awards include the Cuff/Sammak Prize for Abstract Painting (2006), the PAFA Charles Toppan Prize (2006) and the prestigious Gilbert M. Cantor Memorial Scholarship (2005).  Her work has been displayed in Philadelphia, at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and at the Bermuda Masterworks Foundation. She is a Featured Artist at the Asian and Oceanic Epilepsy Congress. Cathy currently works out of her home and studio in Philadelphia.




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