Interpreting Art Contest


This international competition tests who can most comprehensively and insightfully interpret the work of art below - consistent with the artist’s intent and personal history. It is open to all university students, postgraduate students and interns in health professions, such as medicine, psychology, dentistry, art therapy, physical therapy, emergency medical technicians and nursing.

The academic curricula in many graduate schools are using the observation, interperative and creating of visual art to improve observational skills, interpretatin of medical narrative, improving communication skills and/or engendering empathy. This contest provides a friendly international competition among students and interns. 

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International Contest Rules:

Students work in self-selected partnerships. All entrants must provide a current student ID or transcript that shows they are activity enrolled in an educational program or internship for health professions. No one who knows the identity of this artist or has any access to his or her medical or psychological records can compete.

Specific rules and a scoring rubric will be distributed via emails. 

All submissions must be received via an Internet survey prior to December 31, 2015. 


The winning partnership will each receive a painting from this anonymous artist.  

The five teams scoring the highest will receive a copy of Epilepsy: Perception, Imagination and Change (Chambliss, Cook and Healy, 2014). The contest is in the early stage of development. Additional sponsors and prizes will most likely be added along the way. 

Further information and a high-resolution image of the artwork for interpretation can be obtained 

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