Keegan, Maggie

Keegan Photo 2.jpgAustralia (Featured Artist 2009)

"To quote Claude Bernard "Art is I; science is We." "The art on this page "the I" is about my experience walking the always shifting, often confusing, sometimes frightening and sometimes amazingly spiritually uplifting path that is my life with temporal lobe epilepsy. The paintings and drawings are windows to a world where "reality" can suddenly shift and fracture, where the landscape can rotate 180 degrees and the familiar become completely alien but it is also about a world of doorways into The Otherworld, of walking with "Angels", beings made of light, and visits from Spirit Cats that shine like blue and purple opal. I might not know why I am standing in this room or how I got here but I have seen the brilliant colours of The Otherworld. 3 or 4 minutes of non-existence followed by a crushing headache is a fair price to pay for hearing Tolkien's Valar 'sing the world into being."

Keegan Temporal Zone 1 (2008).jpg 

In Art Exhibit '09

Temporal Zone 1

by Maggie Keegan

ink & watercolour on paper (2008)

"The 'we', the science, is the Creative Sparks which is a wonderful opportunity to raise public awareness and understanding of epilepsy. Epilepsy is not synonymous with intellectual incapacity or mental illness. It has many different faces. That child "off with the fairies" might not be daydreaming but might be having absence seizures. The frightened teenager trying to describe his or her first "aura" should not automatically be suspected of taking drugs. A diagnosis of epilepsy in a loved one should not be met with the same horror as a death sentence. Awareness leads to understanding and understanding to acceptance."


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