Kelly, Jo

kelly photo.jpgAustralia (Exhibiting Artist)

"My art has always been an integral part of who I am. I am an art therapist and passionately believe that art can assist people in their healing. Art can help with self expression and insight into difficult and painful emotions for which there are no words. For two years, I worked at Epilepsy Queensland as their Family Support Coordinator and Trainer across the State, and always encouraged families who contacted us to ensure their children had a correct diagnosis wherever possible. My own knowledge of epilepsy greatly increased during this period."

Kelly Two Women.jpg


In Art Exhibit '09

Two Women

by Jo Kelly

charcoal & acrylic on board (2006)

"Great strides are being made in the field of neuroscience, but epilepsy still suffers from discrimination across society. This discrimination includes in the disability sector, education and training and in the workplace, as well as funding for research that is still badly needed. For some, epilepsy visits sporadically and uneventfully, but for others it can be a lifelong visitor, disrupting and disabling. Sometimes we cannot change or control what happens to us and coming to terms with a diagnosis of epilepsy can be made all the more difficult when others are afraid. Much of my work was supporting careers, particularly mothers whose children had severe epilepsy and it was a privilege to work with them. I hope that in a small way, I have increased understanding and education about epilepsy in society."


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