Loedolff. Lenelda

lenelda photo.jpgPretoria, Centurion, South Africa

Message (2010)

acrylic on canvas



11-Loedolff-Message.jpgWhat I would like people to better understand about epilepsy is that if you let go of the fear of falling, you may just realize that you never fell. Everyone experiences that sudden fall as you fall asleep sometimes at night in the dark, epilepsy is a constant experience of that, and if you look at it closely you will realize that you never fell but that you are still safely in your bed. I believe and know in Truth that the symbol of falling is the one symbol that represents every thought in this universe, and that it could only be possible, only if you think it is true. With every fall I choose to remember getting back up, sitting up in the safety and realizing and so remembering that love is remembered through life, and that is all which is possible, only Life, and that the rest was just a thought which had passed in an instant which you thought you fell, but never have, and never will.

I would love to have Truth as it was the first one which came, here is a different view of it. My address is, Pretoria Centurion, South Africa.


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