Munro, David

Munro Photo.jpgAustralia (Exhibiting Artist 2009)

"I am sharing a bit of myself and diversity as a person who is striving for further development as an artist. I am not restricted to a lifestyle as characterized with one thing, such as epilepsy, and prefer not to be stereotyped by my medical condition."


munro pyramid peak.jpg

In Art Exhibit '09

Pyramid Peak

by David Munro

acrylic on canvas (2002)


"Having epilepsy does change the way you live your daily life that much from other people. You have essentially the same needs and patterns in everyday affairs as most other people, except that my day begins with taking medication. However, having epilepsy gives me a different reference point as being aware of a required lifestyle changes, such as employment opportunities. I am sometimes envious of others in that they have no inhibitions in restricting what they can do because of having the threat or the memories of having seizures."


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