O'Keefe, Shea

OKeefe-Shea Photo.jpgAustralia (UCB Pharma Purchase Award)

"Through having epilepsy my creativity and artwork changed dramatically. I have always used the creation of artwork as a tool for self analysis and discovery. I hope that the work the I have created during the time that I had epilepsy coveys the inner struggle that I was going through in coming to terms with my epilepsy. I feel that there is, emotionally so much more that can be said with images and artwork than words. This is the only way I can properly articulate the experience of having epilepsy for me. I would like for it to be better understood that people with epilepsy are just normal people that deal with seizures."

okeefe s Time for Rest.jpg

In Art Exhibit '09

Time for Rest

by Shea O'Keefe

pen & coloured pencil on mono-print (2004)


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