Zontonnia Moore


"I first started drawing in the 1990's; I didn't really like to show off my drawings. I always drew before I ever had my first visual seizure, doctors always said I was begging for attention or that I was having panic attacks. I'm guessing my seizures weren't strong enough; all they did was make my body burn and give me headaches. When I was around 15 me and my brother was wrestling and he hit me in the back of my head with a metal two step stool. Am taking it that's what sparked my seizures to become stronger. Some may say that wouldn't be strong enough to cause something like that but he did it out of pure anger, I can name a lot that I can do out of pure anger."

moore Untitled 1.jpg


"All of my art comes from inside, whom or where even what I couldn't tell you. But it's my way of letting go to life, When I am drawing I don't sit and look at a piece of paper with my mind set to already draw, I just do it. There has been times where I've had to look up to remember that I am where I am at, so I don't like to be bothered, because then I'd have to look up to remember where I am at. It was that feeling that I still chase when I draw today."

"At first I didn't draw any specific items or object, now I start off with drawing shapes and fill in the lines with smaller drawings. I do not give my art works names or label them, they are simple art. The size of my drawings range from the standard business card size to a standard sheet of lined writing paper." 

"Also my seizures are no longer acted out without some type of control and I no longer take prescribed medication for them."


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